I (Chris) have been playing bass since 1996, which, in the scheme of things,
really isn’t that long. For someone who can’t write songs very well, and is
completely self-taught, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to play in
bands with some very talented friends, That’s not only made me a better player
but allowed us to play some shows that would make most local bands jealous.
Thanks to all of you who make and have made that possible – you know who you are.

The links below go to the websites of the bands I play, or have played in.

shoot lucy:
Our americana-pop-alt-whatever band that has been lucky enough
to be closing in our twentieth anniversary! Come out and see us play!

The Beowulf Project:
The retro-metal garage band project conceived in 1989 in
Devils Lake, ND by my good friend Jeff Fox that finally made it
to the stage and recorded a CD in 2003-2004. Our epic video is
on YouTube here.